Hurray!! We made a BIG PICTURE!!

Its our second week in the International Open Elective 2016. After a week of exploration with various sized tins as pinhole cameras, it was time for us to go out in the wild to take the BIG PICTURE !

We went out to the Sabarmati Railway Station with all our tools. Instructed on the initial set of protocols (both safety and process related) by Andy, we headed out to the train yard to the carriage that we were supposed to convert into a pinhole camera.

IMG_1150 - Copy

Our group instantly got into business, making the place workable, by clearing stuff out and taping the light apertures in the carriage. Once the camera was all setup we were taken in batches inside the camera. What we saw there was amazing! The scenario was like we were actually inside the pinhole camera that we use to make pictures with all through out the first week and we were able to see the picture on the walls there.

After we were all given a tour of the “man-sized railway carriage camera”, Andy and Ben set out to make the BIG PICTURE. We were really curious to see the end result and finally there came Ben with our first big picture of the course!

High fives and Hurrays blared all around the station 😀



It was a long, long day for all of us and yet we were all unaware of the time in creating the big picture. As the sun set in the train yard, we packed all our stuffs and headed back.

Looking for a week ahead of more fun and more big pictures !!

-Arumani Muthu J M



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