My Big Picture !

Happiness is, when you see your Big Picture in the Exhibition. IMG_20160117_180949.jpg

-Nishant Julian Minj


Exhibition – Final step in the marathon!

So finally the day came, for what we worked for past two weeks. Lots of fun and lots of learning. The journey from a small tin can pin-hole camera to THE BIG PICTURE has now come to the finale. The Exhibition.

We worked over time, some till 3:00 am, still came early morning to work on the display.

Finishing the work just in time, we were happy with the final output. The Exhibition. And People loved it. Our work with the pin-hole camera ignited a new spark in the viewers, something we say ‘slow fun’.

The Exhibition goes on as Andy explains to Mr. Pradyumna Vyas, Director of National Institute of Design, Paldi, about the entire process we went through to get to the big picture.

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You know you did a good work when the director praises your work. And at the end, Andy and Ben assembled all of us students to a small talk. We got congratulated for putting up the good work. Claps !! for us. Happy moment!IMG_20160115_160038

And to end the day, a final selfie!


Thanks you, to all the teams who worked really hard to set up everything for exhibition.

-Nishant Julian Minj

Getting the BIGGER pictures from films!

Like mentioned in the previous post, We are now done with all our exposures and had the last of our films developed. This time we printed our large format negatives in the dark room at the Gandhinagar campus, using the ‘beast’ of an enlarger that you can see in the images below. It was indeed, a magic for our eyes.

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With all the images developed, It was time for the final step in the marathon;The exhibition! For more updates, keep visiting!

Photo Papers to Films

The second day at Sabarmati Railway station. We switched from photo papers to films. The thing with films is, they require less exposure time (approx 10-15 sec in bright sunlight) and so we need to be extra careful with keeping our pin hole camera steady. Also because of using films, we can get bigger prints, even as big as The Big Picture !!

Just like yesterday, we made a dark room, but with a little difference. It was made to develop films and the composition of chemical used were different. Tried a lot of exposures throughout the day. We took some really good shots, and kept some exposed ones for development tomorrow.

Below are some of the process we went through today:

Look out for more posts after we enlarge the films on the Big Paper !

-Nishant Julian Minj

Hurray!! We made a BIG PICTURE!!

Its our second week in the International Open Elective 2016. After a week of exploration with various sized tins as pinhole cameras, it was time for us to go out in the wild to take the BIG PICTURE !

We went out to the Sabarmati Railway Station with all our tools. Instructed on the initial set of protocols (both safety and process related) by Andy, we headed out to the train yard to the carriage that we were supposed to convert into a pinhole camera.

IMG_1150 - Copy

Our group instantly got into business, making the place workable, by clearing stuff out and taping the light apertures in the carriage. Once the camera was all setup we were taken in batches inside the camera. What we saw there was amazing! The scenario was like we were actually inside the pinhole camera that we use to make pictures with all through out the first week and we were able to see the picture on the walls there.

After we were all given a tour of the “man-sized railway carriage camera”, Andy and Ben set out to make the BIG PICTURE. We were really curious to see the end result and finally there came Ben with our first big picture of the course!

High fives and Hurrays blared all around the station 😀



It was a long, long day for all of us and yet we were all unaware of the time in creating the big picture. As the sun set in the train yard, we packed all our stuffs and headed back.

Looking for a week ahead of more fun and more big pictures !!

-Arumani Muthu J M